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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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had setup a command post. but it's been a very hectic day here on the campus of johns hopkins hospital. a gunman opened fire after receiving bad news wounding a doctor. he then barricades himself inside his mother's room and s.w.a.t. teams converged on the nelson building 8th floor here at hopkins. students huddled in small groups as they all wondered if they were going to be safe. it was a terrible and scary 45 minutes for hospital employees. a woman who gave her name as michelle said that when the word spread through her area that everyone just locked the doors and began to pray. >> we did see a lot of police cars, a lot of swat cars, secured guards running around frantic. kind of chaotic, nobody knowing what was going on, appeal priced what the situation was, then eventually they started blocking doors, telling people they couldn't get in, couldn't get out, and as it got crazy.
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>> reporter: 53-year-old paul warren revis was told by a doctor his mother was paralyzed. they then say he pulled a small caliber hand bun from his belt and shot a doctor in the stomach. he barricaded inside the room. >> inside the room we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. >> reporter: the response was very quick. police say city s.w.a.t. teams were there within moments and core donned off a large portion of the 8th floor of the nelson building in the hospital where davis had barricaded himself ini'd his mother's room. after the virginia tech shootings they came up with a comprehensive plan and that plan worked. >> part of that strategy is the
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sending text messages to hopkins employees that an incident has occurred, what that incident is, and giving them brief information on what to do. security forces responded to the location, they did -- they moved to protect the staff, the patients, and to isolate the suspect. and to hold their ground until the police department responded. >> reporter: now the doctor who is only identified as being a spinal surgeon, so far they say he was -- right after the shooting he was taken immediately to the emergency room pretty much down the hall there and treated for his injuries. he was put into surgery, his injuries were serious but they do expect him to survive. also inside, as you mentioned as well, the shooter, at first an alias was given for his name. he has been identified as paul warren revis of arlington, virginia. he was shot dead.
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his mother was also the woman that he believed -- that he shot and then he took his own life. it's been a very hectic day out here, we'll have more on this story coming up in a few minutes, kelly. >> any indication the hospitals, they don't have metal detectors, correct. ine have security measures but they don't have that, correct. >> reporter: one of the things that they did mention, that the hospital mentioned, was the fact there are more than 80 different entrances here and they say thousands of people come through this hospital every day. so they said itself would be almost impossible to have metal detectors or any kind of device at almost every entrance to the hospital. and you have been over on this campus as well, it's sprawling, all over the place, takes in many many different areas here. so that's one of the reasons they don't have that. however they do have a security force of more than 400 officers supplemented by baltimore city police and off duty police officers so their security is pretty tight considering the circumstances. >> all right, roosevelt leftwich, excellent workout there, thanks for that live report. and our live team coverage continues tonight on this
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disturbing shooting at johns hopkins hospital. brian kuebler talked with people who were waiting for word, any word, that their loved ones were okay at the time of the shooting. let's check in now with brian who is live at the scene tonight. brian? >> reporter: kelly, well we know now this incident was contained to just really one room on one floor. panic spread throughout, inside and outside, this hospital. early on the the information was limited, a doctor was shot, a gunman inside the hospital. the sight outside only fueled fears. lonnie mitchell's mother is a hopkins employee. >> my brother contacted her, she said "i have to go," hung the phone up abruptly. but she answered the phone. >> god to be nervous right now. >> that's why i'm praying. i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: not many did. the family of employees to the families of patients. denise davies niese was being
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cared for on the same floor of the shooting. she stumbled upon this frightening scene. >> do you know thinking about your nephew on the 8th floor? >> we don't know nothing, one of my sisters tried to call up there, there's nobody answering the phones or nothing. >> reporter: tense moments for hundreds of people for the better part of the late morning and in the afternoon, nervously waiting and watching outside one of arguably one of this nation's largest, renowned and secure medical that silt. people were able to reach their loved ones and as rosy said everything is pretty much back to normal. thankfully this incident only contained to just one room on the eighth floor of johns hopkins hospital. brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >> thanks a lot brian. hospital shootings are not an everydayy occurrence but they are happening more often than you think. abc 2 news joce sterman now is here to explain. joce. >> reporter: so far this year doctors, patients and staff members at more than a half dozen u.s. hospitals have dealt with this same situation we saw today at hopkins, all of them
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have experienced shootings either inside patient rooms or just outside the doors. cleveland's hillcrest hospital has more experience than anyone with this chaotic and tragic situation. their facility handled two shootings over the summer within weeks of each other. one of them, a murder/suicide. knoxville has also seen this kind of tragedy. the park west medical center was the scene of a murder/suicide last april. and let's take a look at this astounding list. all of these hospitals have dealt with shootings this year starting with memphis back in february. winter haven, florida, and long island, new york, and also jacksonville, las vegas and baton rouge. while some of these shootings did happen inside of the hospital about half took place in the parking lots and areas outside the doors. as for security inside the buildings themselves there has been no major shift toward installing metal detectors as you heard about hopkins t vice president of corporate security for hopkins says only a handful of u.s. hospitals have taken that step. joce sterman, abc 2 news. remember that abc 2 news is
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your source for breaking news tonight. we have pictures from the johns hopkins hospital situation in the slide show, from the frenzied scene to the s.w.a.t. team gearing up to enter the months. your local news source was there to capture every tense moment. log onto and view the photos right there on our home page. we should warn you that tonight's scheduled episode of "grey's anatomy" may be a little difficult to watch tonight. that's because it bears a similar plot to the events that unfolded today at johns hopkins' hospital. last season's finale ends with a hospital shooting. it's scheduled to run tonight at 9:00 but we can certainly understand if you choose not to watch it. on the weather front this afternoon kelly things getting have ative out there. maryland's most powerful radar, tracking lightning through the city, now we're finding just that really rain and moderate to heavy showers, there is a little bit of thunderstorm actions on the eastern shore, just in the last 30 minutes we have seen a few lightning strikes there in kent county,
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also south into northern queen anne's county a little bit of wet weather in that view. more rain off to the west. that will be in as we go forward in time later tonight. also still some storm action out towards hagerstown but some of that may end up just hitting carroll county and points north and west of baltimore itself. through the rest of the evening we're talking about 70s, still some showers and storms, an early look at your hour by hour forecast tomorrow. after a morning shower or two nice weather pack on type tap is that we see the sunshine come back and that sets the stage for a fantastic weaken. we've got it coming up. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. very disturbing story. a woman is clinging to life tonight after baltimore county police say she suffered abuse for almost a year at the hands of a rise terse town couple. they face attempted murder and assault charges. after police say they beat the victim, they burned her with cigarettes, all of this at their apartment, at the preserve at owens crossing.
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initially the couple had claimed to come to the woman's rescue after an anonymous caller led them to their greenmont avenue and 23rd street in the city. shortly after they took her to the greater baltimore medical center she slipped into a coma. when she regained consciousness she told a very different story. >> turned out that for almost a year tattis two people had actually kept our victim locked up inside of a bathroom in that apartment, basically only feeding her two or three times a week. >> police say the woman weighed just 86 pounds, had lost 40% of her body weight while she was confined, severe beatings left her blind in one eye, missing much of her upper lip, and suffering from certainly open several open wounds that have left her with staff infection and flesh eating bacteria throughout her body. topping off our look at
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democracy 2010 news tonight baltimore city election workers have finished counting absentee ballots and greg bernstein has increased his lead over patricia jess a me in the race for baltimore city state's attorney. accord to go the web site bernstein is leading jess a me 1363 votes. they are cute and scudly with lots of love. but not everyone thought so. who would throw such loveable faces in to a dumpster. a story that will melt any animal lover's hearts and how you can adopt one of these adorable puppies. plus, doctors say more and more they are finding children are not able to process certain fats and sugars which could lead to some serious health problems. i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. we hilt 84 degrees, 6 degrees above average. 84 was your 2-degree guarantee. our weather winner carolyn due car out of baltimore, congratulations the you, you get an abc 2 storm un.
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how long will you need the umbrella? answer that right after this.
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you're watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 6:00. a heart breaking story of
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abandoned puppies left in a sealed box in a bel air dumpster. 2 weeks ago six pump piece were left to die. but today, thanks to a local rescue group they are healthy and looking for a new home. bill fink has the story. >> reporter: it's terrible. that is terrible. >> reporter: barbara bert link speaks from the heart when she talks about the plight of abandoned animals. >> there are the shell sisters, the local shelters, that always help. there are many many rescue groups besides ours that nobody wants to see puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, anything, happen. the way this could have happened. >> reporter: two weeks ago in bel air the driver of a trash removal truck ready to empty one of the many containers he clears every day. >> he decided before he dumped this particular dumpster that he wanted to take a cigarette break so he stood out next the dumpster and he heard moaning. he looked in the dumpster and saw this taped-up box moving. >> reporter: the driver then crawled in the dumpster and
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pulled out a box of 6 puppies. they took charge of the dogs but they were worried over their health. >> very dehydrated, we thought we were gonna loss 1 or 2 of them because they were that close. don't know how long they had been in there. took them right to the vet, all healthy now, six weeks old and doing great. >> now they need a home. for 10 years the falston animal rescue has found homes for 8,000 animals adopting one of these playful pups begins with an application. >> the best way is to email us and our email is fo is. ton rescue at >> reporter: if you're curious as to the pedigree. even the experts are perplexed. >> i think it's safe to say they are minister of justice but they are very cute mutts. >> bill pink, abc 2 news. >> look at those faces. the falstonen. >> falstonenanimal rescue has
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more than 100 ready to be adopted. if you want to make a donation or adopt check out their web site. wellly, coming up in a hurry, you put in the last and you hope the bay is going to be anything similar to that and you haven't done it before. it looks great kelly coming up, going to be live out there, that's going to be exciting, tune in for that, maryland's most popular radar, the much needed rain that we hoped would come in has arrived. we did have some storms earlier sparking some thunderstorms up through cecil and king county on the eastern shore. you can see more garden va ray tree of rain. there may be more embedded thunder and lightning if you're at liabilities town, but basically in a wall here right now across the area. we'll look for more wet weather to come in with this sort of second round, you can see light to moderate rain back west of
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bc here. this cluster will come up over the next hour to two, three hours, and eventually as this particular batch of rain clears out, i think we're just gonna be left with some hit and miss very light rain in the overnight. but it's all rain we could really use and we still see some pretty decent lightning from delaware back to new jersey, we're done with that here i think now in maryland. show you a couple other sites, inner harbor, still some light rain coming down there, but people out and about nonetheless. check it out. temperature-wise, 69 degrees right now, so we have cooled off significantly, winds northwest at 6:00, and also through the day today, you can see really see that weather changing on the western sky here, at the inner harbor you can kind of see we're actually looking north but storms kind of tracked in out of the west. skies darken, you see the rain hitting the lens of our weather camera down here at the maryland center. across the state it's all rain we could use, we'll take it, but these are not particularly high totals from those brief
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downpours we had. about a fifth of an inch to close to half an inch from harbor grey to chester town and back through. all right. let's show you the highs today. man what a difference, out west, 68, 67, on the eastern shore close to the mid-80s, southern maryland up to 90 today including d.c. right now we have cooled off dramatically with the showers, the rains and the storms. we take you out to the entire region, you can see this particular cluster of showers and storms, this little area of low pressure sliding northeastward. the whole ball of wax will push out of here into the day tomorrow. stay a little murky overnight. could be a little murky in the morning as well. the chance for a hit or miss shower, i think we'll dry out by tomorrow midday, sunshine around, that sun is going to last into saturday and especially on into sunday. again this whole system pulling out rapidly into the northeast as we go through the next 24 hours here. then out to hurricane alley we go, you can see hurricane igor, still a powerhouse hurricane packing winds to 125 miles per hour, expected to go right up
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very close to bermuda in the weekend, towards sunday. so we'll watch that developing weather situation offshore. back here though just going to get some big waves back towards the beaches. overnight 66, lingering into the overnight. tomorrow maybe an early morning shower, partly cloudy with a west breeze through the day, back up into the low 80s, less humid too. tonight 60, mostly clear, let's break down your seven-day forecast here, everybody is looking at the weekend. good looking weather, sunshine by late friday i think, saturday-sunday gorgeous weather, low 80s, lots of that golden september sunshine and great weather for the big swim across america on sunday. kelly. >> all right thanks, wyatt involved in that big swim across america this sunday. it takes place at it's an island for the free swim at meadow brook aquatic center for the pool swim. good luck wyatt. coming up tonight at 11:00. money is tight for a lot of folks these days. so what happens if you're doing
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some work around the house and you need a nail gun? what if you were planning a garden but you don't have a wheel barrow. if you don't have the cash to buy what you need you can borrow it instead. jamie costello shows us how the internet is making it easy and popular, that and much more coming up tonight at 11:00. in our health alert tonight, asthma is the leading cause of chronic illness in children. now accord to go the cdc more than 10 million young people have been diagnosed with the disease. a look at new research about obese and normal weight children with asthma andy rose has more in today's health minute. doctors know that children who are obese are at higher risk of developing asthma than children who are not. but new research suggests that certain lifestyle and genetic factors in some normal-weight children may increase their chances of getting the condition. researchers looked at almost 18,000 children from kind are garthen to fifth grade and fat found some children were unable
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to process fats as well as others. that coupled with a poor diet and not enough exercise appeared to trigger the onset of asthma even in youngsters not overweight. the researchers who published their findings in a journal of the american though wassic society found some of the normal weight young people had high triglyceride levels and had signs of prediabetes, testing for triglycerides and monitoring blood sugar levels may be a screening tool for childhood asthma regardless of weight. exercise and a healthy diet may not only help some children reduce the risk of developing asthma but it can decrease the severity in those that already have the condition. for today's health minute i'm andy rose. let's take a look at how that evening commute is going tonight. looking at a live picture from 695 and hal ford road, slow goin' there, rain slowing things down just a little bit. we'll be right back after a embarrassment >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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stocks are ending mixed and a two-week rally loses momentum. the dow jones industrial average rose 02 points, the nasdaq up almost 2, and the s & p 500 down not quite a point. well -- >> weather wise kelly a little
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wet out there this evening. >> we need it. no complaints here. >> right. and it reduces that enhanced virus we have had here. and you can see those rainfall totals. i want to go over to maryland's most powerful radar if we could, we've got our weather net up there, you can see kelly we've got more to the west. >> uh-huh. >> we're not done with the rain but i think we're done with the thunder and lightning, that's a good thing. i don't expect any more severe weather, you can see again the heavier rain out toward the south or north and west suburbs of d.c. right now. the rest of this evening, still some showers around, still a few storms, and hour by hour tomorrow we bling the sunshine back, a nice day. peeking ahead, sunday morning, talking about 70 or so and a water temp. 72, so for all the swimmers headed out good luck and i'll be there with you. >> all right. we're back tonight at 11:00, have a good one.
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